Daily topic YY push new brand 100 education online education into the competitive period

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network February 27th news, remember to read an article about the 2014 online education will fire up at the beginning of the year! It is this month 25 afternoon celebrations of the times announced the launch of education platform 100.com, officially involved in the field of online education. Education and training industry has always been able to earn money. It is surprising that Li Xueling will traditional education, accounting for the bulk of the TOEFL IELTS intensive class as a permanent free product launch in the 100 education platform.

"permanent free" I saw the four words of the New Oriental heart nervous! According to the New Oriental in 2013 full year results, last year the new annual revenue of 5 billion 230 million yuan, including overseas training new Oriental accounted for 40% of total revenues, which comes from the TOEFL and IELTS intensive courses in this part of the revenue income accounted for 70%. And Li Xueling just put this business has been made permanent free, but also to complete the course to provide students with 100 yuan reward.


YY at the golden 950 thousand dollars to buy a separate domain (100.com), and YY in the next 2 to 3 years, invested 1 billion yuan. Thus Li Xueling is determined to do something on the online education. The celebrations of the times 1 billion big investment in online education, it appears in the celebrations of the times CEO Li Xueling, is mainly because the 2014 is the traditional education industry into the Internet industry first year, the online education will have a more than 300% year development of the growth of online games. Under the traditional line education system, the teacher’s ability is not able to play 100%. In the Internet environment, a teacher can teach more students, the corresponding teaching assistants will increase, the system and management system to keep up with. Li Xueling said that as an online education platform, 100.com is willing to do anything for the teacher outside of teaching, but also allows teachers to get more income.

YY voice as the voice of the game scene appeared, gradually formed a game attributes of the community. With the development of products and functions, and the formation of music as the core of the game player show, some game player by YY found himself can also become a star, but also gain a lot, which prompted the game player to show their willingness to adopt this platform, but also can be said to tap the potential value of users. Eventually YY will integrate this business launched YY music, followed by YY music revenue has been rapid growth. Has been far more than online games and online advertising revenue into the era celebrations of the first big source of income for the third quarter of 2013, its revenue accounted for 47%.

from the 100 education platform to present a wonderful and had different approaches but equally satisfactory results YY music. In the back of the data response, the same is the emergence of a large number of users respond to the same demand. YY is also treated with an open attitude towards the teacher. Users can also determine the level of the teacher’s lectures, can be reflected in the number of poor response and refund. "The pattern of the next 100 education is like Taobao

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