MT 6600 illegal public relations website has been shut down

Beijing time on August 29th evening news, according to "Chinese daily" English version of the report, the Ministry announced that since March this year launched a special action, supervision department of telecommunications industry has shut down 6600 illegal websites in a nationwide network of public relations.

most of these sites are behind the illegal organization. These groups claim to be able to remove network news and some important reports, or hire Internet users on the Internet to spread specific data or ideas.

in this action, the national industry and commerce authorities handled a total of 150 cases of illegal network public relations, out of a total of 1 million 130 thousand yuan ticket. The Department’s focus is on online advertising, forums and BBS.

official data show that a total of more than 790 thousand web articles and news, deleted and 1 million 650 thousand contains illegal online PR content cached page of this effort, this action at the end of June.

this action was jointly conducted by the national Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry, Ministry of public security and the administration of industry and commerce. According to the Administration for Industry and commerce, the government departments will cooperate with each other in the long term to crack down on illegal public relations activities. (Li Li)

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