Enable three fight domain name station less than 1 years with who learn valuation of 250 million

renamed China (eName.cn) March 30th news, business platform, and who learn to complete the A round of financing, won $50 million investment, financing, and who learn at a $250 million valuation. Who learn with website use Quanpin domain name genshuixue.com.


figure: who learn

who was founded in June 2014, is the education class O2O to find a teacher learning service provider platform. This type of education industry O2O is currently rare on the market, changing the way the past, will find a teacher, looking for a similar course to change the situation of shopping, presumably has attracted a lot of attention.

who learn with official use Quanpin domain name genshuixue.com, domain name advantage is that users use the spelling of memory is very convenient, the promotion of the brand is also good. The name China whois query, whom to learn but also to protect the domain name genshuixue.cn.

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