Food safety website Wu Heng throw out the window will throw out the window of food poisoning

May 22nd in Shanghai, Xujiahui Jiashan Road, a newly opened restaurant, Wu Heng point a "Kung Pao Chicken package".

this is one of the famous dishes in Sichuan: first chicken cubes with egg white, salt, starch, salt mix evenly, then add hot fried cooked remove and then add dried pepper, garlic and stir fried in the pan, then down into the minced chicken stir fry, finally, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, sauce with sugar, vinegar and water, starch, sesame oil to fry and thicken, add peanuts stir fry.

Wu Heng "throw out the window" website, each of the main and auxiliary materials of the meal have appeared in that was what he called "poisonous food Wikipedia" in the database.

"do you feel sick now?" asked the Nandu weekly.

"no way, have been used to." He ate another piece of chicken.

two Chinese

Wu Heng, the 27 year old Fudan University postgraduate, found in April last year by the beef could carcinogenic beef extract produced ", started to collect and pay attention to Chinese food safety crisis information at that time, he has eaten beef in the first half of 10 yuan package.

"should have done something." "Into the fire" he is determined to do something.

in the first two years of graduate school, Wu Heng and ordinary students. Bubble library, hanging nets, writing papers and memorizing words is his focus. 2009, is the second grade graduate next semester, when his classmates are thinking about the future of Wu Hengzuo, a less mainstream decision to postpone graduation, to support education in Ningxia a year.

"teaching is because I feel a sense of social responsibility is an important part of civic consciousness, and in contemporary society, there is no risk to the most socially responsible thing is to be a volunteer." He explained his decision in renren.

in education, he found that the students in the class dictionary are pirated. In the winter vacation, he went to Beijing to attend English training to recognize and founder Luo Yonghao Luo English training. When you hear Wu Heng intends to raise money for children to buy the idea of a genuine dictionary, you can post online help ah." Luo Yonghao suggested.

and Wu Heng, in his log published the name "poker-faced" plan, Luo Yonghao micro-blog also helped him make propaganda. Finally, Wu Heng fundraising to 45170.47 yuan, to achieve the idea of buying a genuine dictionary for children. Besides, he’s got a more crazy act. At the end of the summer volunteer, he spent 57 days alone ride from Shanghai to Tibet.

the civic education and practice that he had made him a person who was not merely verbally complaining.

on the morning of May 11, 2011, he published on the Internet

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