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technology news Beijing time September 28th noon news, Goldman Sachs analyst Heath · Terry (Heath Terry) released a report Wednesday that he thinks YAHOO CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) to lead the company in the short term recovery, but still think YAHOO shares will be in the next year rose more than 40%.

Terry, YAHOO’s stock rating to "buy" (Buy), 12 month target price of $22, compared to $15.61 for the YAHOO Wednesday closing price 41%. His basic view is that investors are not yet fully aware of the value of YAHOO’s cash and investments held in the Asian market. The report also pointed out that, as Meijer has announced more details of the long-term plan aimed at restoring YAHOO revenue growth, should be able to help boost YAHOO’s share price.

day, YAHOO shares rose $0.43 in regular trading on the Nasdaq, to close at $16.04, or 2.75%. Over the past 52 weeks, YAHOO’s highest price of $16.79, the lowest price of $13.11.


for YAHOO, the share price rose to $20 can only create a "milepost", the reason is that the stock never break through this level in the past 4 years, largely because, although the Internet advertising market is growing, but YAHOO still has been in financial difficulties.

according to Terry’s calculations, YAHOO in the Asian market with a total value of $10 billion 600 million investment. He estimates that YAHOO holds 35% stake in YAHOO Japan’s $4 billion 800 million, the value of the shares held by Alibaba group of $5 billion 800 million. In addition, prior to the sale of YAHOO group to the former half of the shares held by the Alibaba, the company has just received a $4 billion 300 million in after tax income. And although the growth performance in the doldrums, but YAHOO is still profitable, thus accumulating more cash. Terry expects that by the end of this year, the total amount of cash held by YAHOO will be $6 billion 900 million.

Terry said, YAHOO Asia Investment and expected total cash at the end of the year together, YAHOO’s valuation of $14.79 per share. He also speculated that YAHOO’s business value around its own website was $7.17 per share, based on his estimate of YAHOO’s 2013 earnings per share of $83. He assumed that YAHOO next year revenue will decline by about 4%, because the company’s advertisers and network traffic is still flowing to Google and Facebook.


although Terry optimistic about the upside potential of YAHOO’s stock price, but he still believes that YAHOO will face many problems in the future. Among them, YAHOO and Microsoft search partnership

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