China made the founder of today’s listing was 342 times the return

December 9th morning news, Chinese network operators focus technology (002315.SZ) today in the Shenzhen SME board listing, the issue price of 42 yuan per share, fund-raising 1 billion 230 million yuan. According to the issue price, the focus of science and technology chairman Shen Jinhua shares held by the market value of about 2 billion 920 million yuan, while his start-up company invested only $50 thousand in cash.

landing small board intends to raise 1 billion 230 million yuan

technology is mainly engaged in B2B e-commerce platform operations, operating under the products and services are mainly China manufacturing network e-commerce platform (, "leading" online software services, business poly park business community and love recruiting job recruitment platform.

according to iResearch released in 2008 China’s B2B industry data, according to the third party B2B e-commerce platform operating income market share calculation, the focus of technology companies ranked third.

prospectus shows that the focus of science and technology to be issued 29 million 380 thousand shares of ordinary shares, accounting for the proportion of the total issued share capital of 25%, the issue price of $42 per share, the issue price earnings ratio of 66.67 times. Is expected to raise the total amount of funds will reach 1 billion 230 million yuan. Previously, the focus of technology stocks have been completed online subscription rate of 0.3913395805%, oversubscribed by 256 times.

financial data show that the focus of science and technology in 2008 operating income was 171 million yuan, net profit of $75 million 240 thousand, while in the first half of 2009 operating income was $98 million 907 thousand, net profit of $34 million 60 thousand.

from China English manufacturing network version to get paid registration fees, value-added service and service supplier certification services, focus technology accounted for the proportion of the total revenue corresponding to the two years were 98.59%, 99.31%.

public information, the focus of science and technology funds raised from the listing is mainly used for the construction of China manufacturing network e-commerce platform upgrade, sales channels and customer service centers, as well as the focus of science and technology research center set up four projects with a total investment of about 310 million yuan.

founder Shen Jinhua was 300 times the return of

technology was originally founded in January 9, 1996, the registered capital of 500 thousand yuan, Shen Jinhua invested 50 thousand yuan in cash, physical capital is 200 thousand yuan RMB, a total of 250 thousand yuan, accounted for 50% of the proportion of capital contribution. Shen Jinhua used to invest in kind for the IBMTHINKPAD 755CD laptop 8.

after the focus of technology listed, Shen Jinhua will hold 69537397 shares of the total share capital of 59.18%. In accordance with the issue price of 42 yuan, the market value of shares held by Shen Jinhua is about $2 billion 920 million. Shen Jinhua in the development of science and technology focus, for this part of the stock of total invested 8 million 540 thousand yuan.

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