The lonely life of 1 million 310 thousand Chinese stationmaster

grassroots webmaster lonely life, with this title to the content of this position is to reflect the real situation of grassroots Webmaster: struggle and pain and loneliness. Since 07 years China CN international top-level domain name registration prices, led to a burst after Internet enthusiasts, the Chinese webmaster number again to a new number, according to the Ministry of information industry said: China station number has more than 1 million 310 thousand.

a large number of grassroots webmaster is a group of Chinese Internet can not ignore the strength of the army, to the Internet Tim brick tile brought immeasurable value. It can be said without the Baidu group of grassroots webmaster he cannot survive, because this group of grassroots webmaster website resource accumulation, to Baidu produced a large number of original web search resources, dripping Huicheng River, Baidu can have such abundant resources, thanks to the grassroots webmaster. A few years ago with Baidu, can only search out some simple page. A few years later, the change of the Internet, Baidu can not be all the benefits of grassroots growth, but in fact is a grassroots webmaster push a lot of Baidu, even if this view is not recognized by Robin Li.


Taobao last year with eBay game, choose to rely on China hundreds of thousands of small owners, Ma Yun victory, is the Webmaster Help Ma Yun put it, how much strength, only Ma Yun know. Ali mother and YAHOO owners have been born in the world because of the reasons, it also proved the idea of Ma Yun. We do not know if this is not Ma Yun’s gratitude, but people must understand and need to think about the problem is: do not forget where you come from, do not forget where you are going.

however, the article mentioned at the beginning of the grassroots struggle and pain. And lonely, is a true portrayal of the grassroots webmaster. Every time the emergence of a large number of grassroots webmaster, the story behind them some ecstatic somewhat be cast into the shade. A few of these legions of success, with most failure, are caught in the middle do not be locked down. From the point of view of life, their lives lonely, lonely people can not be described as born. In order to site they must pay more than twice as much effort, must be accompanied by a computer, may also lose friendship, love, affection, loss of health. In the webmaster online and laggards website you can see a webmaster love lost article, they may use a few days to write out the article, between the lines revealed a grassroots webmaster is not easy. Webmasters are in love, the direct problem, today is their girlfriend, tomorrow is likely to be someone else’s bride. The woman is a part of a man, when a web site is the grassroots webmaster (China webmaster most men) all, then lose love, friendship, the odds are high, they are not concerned with his girlfriend, friends invited, family care, but whether the domain name expired, whether the server is stable, the website is updated, advertising whether the normal problem. More serious is that the long time in the dim computer by almost 24 hours of pounding the keyboard, the disease slowly invaded their body space. You can imagine yourself like some noodles Steamed Buns East.

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