2009 Jiangxi first website construction and development seminar held in Nanchang

webmaster admin5.com4 Sept. 24, April 23rd "seminar on the construction and development of Jiangxi province the first website in 2009 at 14:30 in the meeting of the 14 Building in Nanchang City, West Beijing Nuclear Engineering Department held a hotel. The conference is sponsored by the Jiangxi provincial computer users association, Jiangxi Internet association, zhulang CMS, creators of software, software, rising Jiangxi North soft Co. More than 100 people from Jiangxi provincial government websites and web sites participated in the conference.

this seminar to "strengthen the website construction and management" as the theme, focusing on the construction and management of affairs, business and scientific research and education and other sites, to raise awareness of the importance of website construction, summarize and inspire more and better construction site management methods, and constantly improve the website functions, and gradually improve the comprehensive strength of the site, lay a solid foundation for promoting the construction site in Jiangxi province. Liu Bin, Secretary General of the Jiangxi computer users association and the Nanchang games billion Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Ming, director of technology, respectively, made a wonderful speech.

at 17:30 PM, the meeting ended in a warm applause.

the general assembly by the Jiangxi provincial Computer Users Association vice chairman Wang Yibin presided over  


red flag Linux software presentation ceremony

Zhu Yiming, Secretary General of the Internet Society of Jiangxi Province,

, published the "seize the opportunity to innovate ideas for the province’s website bigger and stronger efforts" speech

participants webmaster

Jiangxi provincial industry and Information Technology Commission Director Zhang Xiaohui, director of the Ministry of information technology to promote the portal – collaborative work services platform keynote speech.

Jiangxi provincial computer users association secretary general Liu Bin published "e-commerce website planning, construction and management of" keynote speech

conference site

conference site

Zoomla, chief architect CMS Wang Zhaofa! "And published by constructing the website security selection" speech  

webmaster network editor Chen Guoqiang published a small website application promotion strategy, the keynote speech

in the creation of the software business middleware Limited by Share Ltd system architect Liu Chun published "web content security and solutions," the keynote speech  

interactive session of the general assembly

technical director of Nanchang science and Technology Co., Ltd. Jiang Saiyi Taiqing "website published video application technology" speech

chairman Wang Yibin announced the successful conclusion of the conference

after the photo

after the photo

after the photo

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