Rui Bao pediatric completed B round of 70 million yuan financing main pediatric medical O2O

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36 krypton learned, Rui Bao pediatric president and co-founder Yang Weilu recently announced that the company has successfully completed 70 million yuan of B round of financing. This financing by the existing shareholders of the company, the source star capital, maixing investment and capital increase completed materia. The round of financing will help Rui Bao pediatric continue its market development in Shanghai and more areas and the development of online business, to achieve the integration of pediatric services online and offline O2O service system.

Rui Bao pediatric

was founded in 2014, through three years of development, now has 3 children’s medical services professional in Shanghai, located in Pudong foreign community, Yangpu New Jiangwan City and Minhang Longsheng community commercial center, the center of fourth outpatient is currently in the construction process.

Mai star investment is an angel of the angel angel investors, but also the current round of investment institutions. The RMB fund source star capital was GGV capital. The capital is the rainbow pediatric A round of investment institutions, this time to continue with the vote.


said that the essence of medical services is to provide quality, safe and reliable medical services to customers through long-term accumulation of medical quality, service level, technical level, and patient reputation. As a professional pediatric medical services, Rui Bao pediatric willing to work with three investment institutions long-term cooperation.

founder: Yang Weilu

source star capital management partner Jin Jiong said, we believe that the involvement of private capital can enhance the supply side of the children’s health care industry market structure, to meet the needs of high growth. In addition, the Department of Pediatrics belongs to the field of professional medical service, and the professional requirements of the operation team are very high. Jin Jiong special mention of the recognition of the Department of Pediatrics Rui bao.

positioning in the high-end pediatric medical services by a pediatric Bao Rui, with long-term high-end medical service management experience in team management, and hope the international medical service management concept into the Shanghai local private health service. In the medical resources, pediatric doctors are Rui Bao senior pediatrician and experts from Shanghai famous hospital system.

in the service mode, the traditional mode of outpatient pediatric Bao Rui and information technology combined, realize the real-time guidance of interrogation and treatment in the process of full range. In the clinic, Rui Bao pediatric medication principle is proposed and prudence, the child’s health in the first place, and advocate the combination of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, treatment and improvement of children form a closed loop, the surrounding environment, disease prevention, reasonable nutrition, improve immunity, conform to nature of children.


In addition,

Rui boa diseases in outpatient department of Pediatrics, beyond the neonatal clinic and child health clinic, a specialist outpatient services, including allergic diseases, diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, ophthalmology professional children, child nutrition clinic and psychological clinic service. Among them, allergy specialist

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