Positioning as the root content is king of what can provide products

then on the article, what is the most fundamental promotion, positioning as the root, the content is king, I specifically explore again, why provide valuable, selling the fire of the Internet product is the fundamental way. Of course, I said "product" is not a specific thing, but a kind of service, which is a valuable article is the Internet "product", we the webmaster is the product provider, we provide these products, most of which are free, of course, our most important the purpose is to let the users to access their own website, and through other forms to earn their remuneration, this point is similar with the TV station.

now has 230 million Chinese users, but a very big market, which is very few of the people, it is not the number of ah, so, we should improve the website traffic there is hope, the key problem is we should think about what can we do the Internet products for so many netizens use. The success of the web site or let Netizens feel convenient such as web site, or let them learn the knowledge, such as tutorial stations, or make them work very well, such as secretarial station and download software, I think, before doing a website, we should think about our station what kind of Internet products? Some people say, I do website program, collecting a lot of content, and then continue to engage in a great promotion flow, earn a lot of money. Indeed, this success is not a few, but I think now website friends have begun to realize that this is becoming more and more difficult, not flow, is not easy to earn money. We make the ultimate purpose is to make money, of course, does not rule out purely to play. So, we do the original station, earn money through their own hard labor and technology is the way to the future. Investigation in station careful investigation of their own ideas have no market, their products have no value, make the station will have hope, you can stick to it, I believe that the traffic will one day, because you have their own characteristics, has its own iconic original "products".

how to provide their own products, it is difficult to say the specific ideas and forms, but you can learn from some of the successful site ideas. For example, hao123, ha ha, I found that a lot of articles will mention it, it does provide a "product", this product is the site of thin, with our own telephone directory the same thing, with the same performance products, but it became a website. Also such as system of CD those sites and forums, such as the tomato garden, they provide more beautiful than the original windows system, many good equipment, although it is illegal, but it does provide a convenient user products. There are many websites have their own characteristics, has its own "specialty". Some miscellaneous dobo, a fine tip designed, most successful, and not worry about what traffic problems, money is also a variety of ways, the pot full of pots. What kind of "

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