Fake copycat goods flooded nearly a million poor micro shop

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crackdown ineffective nearly one million copycat goods flooded micro shop

yesterday, the Beijing Daily reporter for the mainstream micro shop platform for fake checks, according to incomplete statistics, the number of suspected counterfeit goods of nearly one million, only micro V shop, shop two pass. The individual platform there is a knowing and selling fake behavior. Insiders pointed out that rampant rampant because of regulatory loopholes, human investment is not enough.

micro shop, belonging to the mobile side of the C2C platform, due to the low cost of shop, share convenient, attracted a lot of micro settled. Beijing Daily reporter to "Nike", "Adidas" search keywords, pocket shopping micro store, like micro shops, restaurants and shopping are wonderful micro shop price was significantly lower than the reasonable price range of brand goods. Insiders pointed out that the price is too low, genuine fake suspects. Part of the business to recognize fake goods. There are businesses to official, flagship store or brand name, but can not provide a certificate of agency qualifications. In this regard, the micro shop insiders pointed out that such a shop name misleading consumers, does not meet the micro shop sellers management standards.

, according to incomplete statistics, the average number of each store goods for 50 pieces, footwear, bags, accessories, cosmetics and other goods are category more than 20 kinds of single category shops in more than one thousand. Calculated in this way, the total number of fake micro shop platform close to one million. The most serious problem is the fake pocket shopping. According to incomplete statistics, pocket shopping at low prices, the most, only the sale of sports shoes on the issue of thousands of shops. Pocket shopping customer service said, high imitation, cottage goods by consumers to distinguish themselves. Insiders pointed out that the pocket shopping cheap "authentic" occupies no small component, if will have great influence on the platform.


means not perfect is the cause of the rampant fakes. Praise micro shop Beijing Business Daily reporter received a report said, businesses need to pay 1000 yuan deposit, goods shelves will carry on artificial rough audit, and a report on the business platform, will freeze the funds and closed shop, the consumer will xianxingpeifu. But Song Yang, vice president of Jingdong, pointed out that the need for a large number of manual inspection sampling, such as the buyer to perform sampling, third party company sampling, follow up complaints and other complaints, some small shops in the human input.

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