Pure luxury site electricity supplier channel mode will die Source of criticism

Ni Zhengdong micro-blog said that the electricity supplier industry investment reached about 4 billion of all electricity suppliers together owe is estimated more than 2 billion VC in the first half of 2011 or the second half of 2010 for a lot of companies, the value of these companies will be cut off in 1/3, 2012 is not a city, but a year out of a life and death. Year.

and in the end of 2011, 2012 years, we have seen signs of luxury e-commerce mode, bear the brunt of funding channels…… Questions from all sides. Have someone shouted, 2012 luxury online shopping will die.

from the first domestic luxury electric providers website — the network share up to now has been 2 years of time, the network share at the beginning of 2010 will complete the first round of angel investment, subsequently, poly still, serves network, LuxeHome network, vip.com and other luxury websites are at the beginning of the establishment of the smooth to get financing, there is news that the total the amount of more than 5 hundred million.

We first look at the definition of

luxury goods in the world, is defined as "a people’s survival and development needs beyond the scope, has a unique, scarce and rare characteristics of consumer goods", also known as non necessities.

According to the report of Ai Rui

research data show that in 2010 the scale of China mainland luxury online shopping transaction (total C2C part and B2C part) 6 billion 360 million yuan, 2011 transaction size is expected to reach 10 billion 730 million yuan, to achieve annual growth of 68.8%.

capital hot luxury

if the luxury B2C is enveloped in the aura of e-commerce attracted enough attention and attention, then VC’s generosity is also a key factor in its success.

since 2010, luxury B2C industry has been concerned about the capital market. According to ChinaVenture statistics, in 2010, the pan luxury online shopping industry full disclosure of financing cases 12 cases, financing $108 million, far more than the sum of the past few years. And into 2011 only half a year, has disclosed 12 cases of financing, financing amounted to $283 million, reaching the highest level in history.

According to Bain

data show that in 2010 global sales of luxury goods will reach 168 billion euros, up 10% compared with 153 billion euros in 2009, sales of luxury goods Chinese rose 30% to 9 billion 200 million euros, increases significantly higher than the global level. Meanwhile, Bain is expected in 2011, China’s luxury market will be the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan. This growth makes many luxury brands are increasingly Chinese market. Currently, most of the world’s leading luxury brands (such as D&, G, Cartier, Armani, Hermes, Chanel, Burberry, etc.) have entered the Chinese market.

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