Daily topics the largest PO in the history of suspense drama review Ali PO wonderful story ended

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) March 17th news, yesterday afternoon, Alibaba announced the launch of the listing in the United states. The IPO There was no parallel in history. suspense drama was eventually dropped. Today, we will look back at the wonderful story of Ali IPO.

July 13, 2013 news, Alibaba group has submitted a listing application to the HKEx, officially launched the program listed in Hong Kong, is expected in October listing, valued up to $100 billion (about $780 billion), raising the maximum amount of $20 billion (about $156 billion). It is reported that in the proceeds of approximately $7 billion (about $54 billion 600 million), will be used to buy YAHOO’s stock, but will use the "DTDC" listed on the way, depending on whether it is in line with the market and operation.

news September 13, 2013, Hongkong "South China Morning Post" reported that the Alibaba executives may group listed on the plan until 2015. Reported that the reason for the delay is not lack of funds Alibaba, Ma consider more is how to maintain the company’s control".

October 10, 2013 news, Alibaba group CEO Lu Zhaoxi suddenly announced that today’s Hongkong market, the governance structure of emerging enterprises innovation, but also need time to study and digest. We decided not to choose to list in Hongkong." This is the first time Alibaba group management team to make public statements on IPO related matters.

news October 24, 2013, NASDAQ CEO Bob Greifield also the Alibaba’s initial public offering (IPO) in a statement, "we respect the Alibaba, if it can be listed on the Nasdaq stock market, it is clear that our honor. If the Alibaba chooses to go public in the US, our mission is to let it know the advantages of nasdaq." But he declined to say whether he had met with senior management in Alibaba.

March 13, 2014 news, the Financial Times website learned from sources, Alibaba is likely to choose to go to New York, rather than Hongkong.

can see about Ali’s IPO is the two possible Hongkong and the United states. The impact of Ali is the reason for the listing of Ali’s partner system. The ownership of the Alibaba, originated in 2005, YAHOO spent $1 billion to buy 40% stake in the group, Alibaba, Alibaba since then, Ma led to the entrepreneurial team, has been the absolute control of the company to fight. At present, the board of directors of the Alibaba are four, Jacqueline Rethers of YAHOO, Softbank and Alibaba, Ma Yun Sun Zhengyi, Cai Chongxin. In Ma and the entire management, currently only holds about 10.4% of the shares of the Alibaba, the United States and Japan’s Softbank and YAHOO, respectively hold 36.7% and 24% equity, two foreign voting rights and board seats, to control the whole company. Therefore, in order to avoid listing control sidelined, Ma had.

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