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webmaster network ( June 17th news, just ten weeks away from the Jingdong and a week’s time came, Cheng Junyi, senior vice president of Jingdong. Statistics show that Cheng Junyi served as general manager, Yili brand management department, Nippon marketing vice president, in July 2011 to join the Jingdong as a senior vice president, responsible for the marketing department.

Liu Qiangdong once said, most of the success and failure of the enterprise because of people, I can not think of second factors". But he also said forthrightly, Jingdong need fresh blood, leaving one or two executives is a normal phenomenon, which is inconsistent with the values of the Jingdong store can leave, has always been my old legs.

Cheng Junyi’s departure, which means that the two half of the year to open the platform for business Jingdong to replace the person in charge. Before Cheng Junyi, POP business run by Zhang Shouchuan, but in January of this year was responsible for the group purchase business, some analysts had said that Zhang Shouchuan and Cheng Junyi were transferred to the Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong was dissatisfied with his performance result. And what is Liu Qiangdong’s dissatisfaction with Cheng and


is responsible for the marketing of Cheng Junyi had just joined the Jingdong less than half a year, with a total amount of nearly 231 million yuan, has been close to the bidding of CCTV Olympic related advertising projects a total of 484 million yuan in half! He seems to forget the first half of 2011, Liu just and search engines, navigation website fell out, called "the 2011 annual advertising costs cut 50%", and before that, Liu also said "no Jingdong advertising plan, practice is the strength of the Jingdong".

then there are rumors, Liu put not satisfied with Cheng Junyi the generous. In fact, for advertising, Jingdong has always said outside the strict control, whether Liu Qiangdong blue Ye claims that "the proportion of not more than 2% of sales". Of course, money is not the problem lies in how to spend. However, Cheng Junyi’s "marketing verve", perhaps is beneficial to brand building, but not to face pressure on the profitability of Jingdong to bring new growth point of ROI — a sob, no matter the Jingdong vigorously put in CCTV, or open the subway building channels, in recent years, Jingdong upstream site traffic contribution list, ranking the first is still Baidu. Therefore, in the first two years after the end of the big wind light put, Jingdong this year will focus on the market back to the Internet platform. 230 million, and eventually became extinct.

in rotation, POP platform performance is no significant improvement in the process of leadership. He came from a marketing background, he got to POP, put forward to let him resign yourself, in the news of the resignation of Cheng Junyi, a marketing website official micro so evaluation.

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