Micro business how to do Greater than choice

just in the circle of friends to play a game, the old game, set like praise enough to share a freshly harvested dry cargo, they are awesome, while dozens of praise, all feel shy not to write, not tired to catch the overnight release! Comrades should seriously look at the ah! Don’t disappoint me a good


is today had a fairly successful micro business friends come to our team about lectures, sharing some of his practical experience, although I personally to micro business also still cautious, but today the share is on the outside is many dry cargo, not to hear, just to let you share understand, is not necessarily to do! I always thought to only play 60 minutes, will learn to innovate talent may hit 100 points! Add a little micro business is business, because we will not be sold mask raped on the exclusion of micro business, this is not right!!!


what kind of product is suitable for micro business?

1 high margin

this is not difficult to understand, because the micro business is now playing the agency model, there is no high margin support, it is difficult to solve the problem of interest distribution, no money, who play with you ah?

2 standardization

what is the standard? Is the standard, easy batch production, unlike the shoes with color, size, standard benefits is not to say, do Taobao know, convenient management, customer service and so on simple


3 experience

experience must be strong, like a mask with white is? Regardless of is do what, you know! People have good experience to show off, it is not difficult to understand why the introduction of micro business circle of friends instantly up white Formica


4 easy transportation

convenient transportation is mainly in order to reduce the trouble after sale, but also to reduce costs, such as some large items, the need for cold chain of frozen goods, etc., transportation costs are very high!

5 fast elimination

FMCG, the name suggests is bought to rapid digestion, increase the rate of repeat purchase! Like to buy a refrigerator appliance for several years, it is not suitable for

6 creative

creative it is selling, selling can packaging, packaging a new, more attention by


micro business team to do with what people?

1 copy

micro business team needs a strong text of the text, because the agent is spread out of the content is out of here, he is represented by the image of your product, he taught what agents to learn what!

2 merchants (customer service)

investment is the core of the whole team, sales are generated from here! Copywriting, art, warehouse is also for its services, what

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