Amoy network testing the entire network of goods search results show that the official website

webmaster admin511 9 news: today, micro-blog users broke the news, Taobao’s commercial independent search engine "a cat" ( low-key test whole network product search: the search on the site of some commodities, goods owned brand’s official website has been able to appear in the search results page, this means a scouring network began to promote the whole network search.


a search to find the official website of the brand


I landed a home search well-known mobile phone brand Nokia and brand Lenovo computer that is at the top of the search results in the appearance of commodities goods station Taobao official website link, that the whole network search function of Taobao has been gradually to a scouring network. The author then search for specific commodity models found, it is impossible to display the official website of goods, indicating that the entire network search Amoy network is still in the test, I believe will gradually open to the user. It is expected that in the future will be the introduction of the entire network of commodity merchants search and other shopping sites search results.

along with last month, Taobao’s entire network search engine Amoy network low-key on-line, Taobao began to get involved in commodity search. In the last week, as an important part of the Amoy Amoy bar to recruit one hundred thousand super bar ten million Commission as a reward divided charge promotion mode into Taobao customers and business advertising will also be further expanded, the Baidu Post Bar challenge free mode. To provide publicity and supplement to the Amoy network layout. Amoy network to search the main commodity promotion mode, supplemented by the attention list, ask the cat has been gradually forming, on-line with the whole network search, will search in the commodities, compete with Baidu. (text / Yang Yang)

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