Personal analysis of how to promote Taobao shop

There are many ways to promote

Taobao shop, I personally think that some of the following ways:

1, Taobao itself

itself says Taobao shop announcement, personal space, the page, the page must be written description can be optimized under the text, so that people through the Taobao search, there may be found directly to your


2, Taobao friendship connection

through the exchange shop Links, can bring some potential customers, and repeat! Try to exchange different industries in exchange, high popularity to shop, so that when people buy products in other stores, will certainly have the links and click here, are to come the idea to buy


3, Taobao event registration


often get some activities, can go to the can take the opportunity to advertise, can bring a lot of popularity, you know Taobao people love Amoy Amoy cheap good stuff, not free! A number down is certainly very much. 4, Taobao space

is the Taobao space blog, write some ideas and case, the opening day of Taobao stores and shopping Taobao stores have a lot, some experience and effect you write will be their trust and knowledge to understand! Some shops in you through your writing they will, can bring some traffic


5 Taobao forum ad

Taobao forum every day, but the popularity is very large, can be appropriate to vote advertising, although the need for a bit of cost, but the effect is still some.

6, Taobao post top posts

in the Taobao community to help Amoy friends to answer questions, a little talent, then write a post, so that your store traffic will also play a role!

7, Amoy

Tao Ke do now is very much, can you give Kelai pottery shop promotion, and then pay the transaction, try to put those high commission, more so to give you a promotion, other Taobao stores will bring you more volume.

8, Taobao

train similar to Baidu promotion, the basic money, this method is not large businesses, product competition not recommended not to use, the cost will be much higher, IP per click you spend at least a few corners to a few dollars or even tens of dollars.

9, Taobao shop

Wang Pu is the Taobao VIP shop, the shop can give you the store to bring more traffic, he can show in many aspects of Taobao, let more people imperceptibly came to your shop, shop no ordinary shops and Pu to flow than, less flow many.

10, the relationship between word of mouth

is one of these aspects

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