2015 online education trends of the 5 profit diversification


Sohu IT / Mao Qiying

according to the relevant statistics, in 2014 the amount of online education financing 4 billion 400 million yuan. Due to the entry of BAT, the popularity of smart phones and 4G networks, online education APP become a popular industry artifact". In 2015, the education online will go to where the news of life (WeChat: maoqiying2008) and industry exchanges.

below is the industry highlights in 2015 and online education industry trends analysis:

1, BAT led financing online education

2014, large and small online education companies are mainly involved in early education, K12 education, vocational education, study abroad, platform classes and other fields.

BAT performing eye-catching: Chi class was Baidu net A $10 million 600 thousand round of financing, led by Alibaba VIPABC investment into the online education B round of financing of $100 million, the amount of financing has become the biggest online education financing.

Lei Jun YY ho throw 1 billion yuan investment in 100 education, Chen Yizhou shot everyone’s online education platform "in thousand university, NetEase capital strategic investment 91 net foreign teachers. YY’s CEO Zhang Xueling has said that YY will be 100 yuan investment in education will be used for product development, operations, and other aspects of teacher subsidies, and other aspects of the 1 billion.

Alibaba chairman Ma Yun said at the world Internet Conference, the education industry ranked first in the next ten years, the investment plan list. The Baidu CEO Robin Li also called for the public to upgrade education with the internet".

2, online education policy constantly bright

in 2014, the State Council issued the decision on accelerating the development of modern vocational education, and put forward the formation of a modern vocational education system with Chinese characteristics and world standards by the year of 2020. According to the "Chinese Youth Daily" reported that the prime minister Li Keqiang said at a State Council executive meeting, will make online education as a new form of new industry one of the key. In addition, the State Department canceled and decentralization 64 administrative approval and 18 sub items, the implementation of remote education in which the first use of the Internet is the Ministry of education in charge of education approval".

in November 2014, the Ministry of education and other five departments jointly issued the "construction plan" the use of information technology to expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources to the effective mechanism proposed in 2015, the basic realization of various schools in the "Internet" full coverage, the ratio of broadband access reached more than 50%; in ten years "education information development plan" by the governments at all levels of education according to the information of funds not less than 8% the proportion of expenses in education funding in the estimates of informatization of education in our country there are hundreds of billions of market space. The online education industry is considered as the most potential xiangbobo.


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