Kara push mobile phone card to enter the mobile payment price 199 yuan



push mobile phone card to enter the mobile payment price 199 yuan

Lacarra mobile phone card reader

        Sina Francisco May 29th afternoon, a member of the association holding company today officially announced the launch of Lacarra mobile phone card reader into the personal mobile payment market. Lacarra card is priced at 199 yuan, sales began today.

according to reports, the current Lacarra mobile phone card reader supports iPhone, HTC, Lenovo, millet and other mobile phone phone and iPad products, users can browse the web page in the normal mobile phone network environment, query, credit card payments, personal loan, personal accounts, remittance, payment convenience, online shopping offers six service.

from Sina Technology to get the product, LaCara mobile phone card only 1/4 ordinary credit card size, the thickness of the same with the general mobile phone, divided into black and white two, support all UnionPay card magnetic stripe card bidirectional.


chairman Sun Taoran said that in order to ensure the security of transactions, each mobile phone card reader built-in security chip, using a special algorithm to ensure a machine a secret, all the banks involved in the transaction of consumers are using a custom password card password keyboard input, and the encryption system encrypted by security key.

Sun Taoran said that the current mobile phone card reader and Kara has taobao.com, red child, Lok, where such cooperation e-commerce platform, the website will pay system in the implementation of embedded mobile phone client Kara, consumers in the mobile focus on consumer credit card. (


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