A5 end of the year inventory finishing 2013 laps in the circle of N more than a number of inventory

fingertips, today is the last day of 2013, 2013 has to end, the upcoming 2014. This year’s end of the Internet have changed things, and the webmaster circles what happened, as 2014 is approaching, all kinds of inventory of the various hot topics have emerged, so in the webmaster circles and those who remember the people remember the popular topic, today I let’s go together to review and check under in our webmaster circle those popular things, those N multiple inventory, allowing you to 2013 circle more clear cognition.


inventory one: inventory of several closely related events

2013 station is destined to be a quiet year, whether it is Baidu or Google algorithm adjusted the PR update, this is affecting every webmaster nerve, first launched 2013 new algorithms from Baidu: green green radish algorithm algorithm recently to 2, Baidu algorithm again to adjust the webmaster to do SEO is more and more difficult, each update algorithm will be "hit" to a number of sites, SEO will be more and more harsh, for the majority of owners but also a big challenge; the annual double 11 in the Internet for people who are not familiar, but in the majority of businesses earn pours behind, a large number of Taobao has poured off the Commission frozen news, Taobao union soon change, the Ministry instructed the investigation. Ma Ma admitted on 14 frozen 1309 Amoy nearly ten million Commission was not Reason and public commitment will be 18 PM 5 points before the release of all accounts were frozen, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions and black holes, Taobao recently launched a false trading remediation activities, in the process of implementing the "fire" caused some small sellers dissatisfaction and rebound, the evening of December 5th, about 30 thousand of SMEs the seller group attack part of the well-known Tmall flagship store. Although Taobao immediately issued a statement indicating that and take appropriate measures, but has not stopped further expansion of the situation.

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