nventory 2012 e commerce micro blog marketing events

at the beginning of the end, always all walks of life inventory up to the point of this year’s electricity supplier industry is awfully. We will take a look at the 2012 micro-blog e-commerce marketing events.

is the first twelve day, December 12th, e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang issued 2012 events in the ten major electricity supplier micro-blog, mainly includes the following content: 1, eleven and 19 billion 100 million days of Tmall; 2, Suning counterattack, set off a price frenzy; 3, Ctrip price war counterattack; 4, Tencent electric adjustment, easy fast, too; 5 VC reflection, electricity supplier was the winter capital; 6, the traditional companies have shock; 7, the outbreak of Internet banking; 8, the first mention of Ma Yun small and beautiful; 9, clothing will have electricity suppliers to do the sewers; 10, vertical electric bangdakuan.


electricity supplier industry too much, and we, regardless of the inventory of e-commerce in micro-blog marketing event.

, Jingdong mall


Liu Qiangdong a small micro-blog, set off a big storm electricity supplier performance, blowing from sina to CCTV, the government finally came forward to say that the price is high. Jingdong administrative micro-blog mall, with absolutely no influence me in a horizontal line.

two, tomato


The micro-blog

is on the East and dangdang.com. This is the East people before planning: MM and sun exposure, romance, and tomatoes…… But the evil dangdang.com began to sell tomatoes then, remember the Jingdong announced a new open channel mall what no

on that day?

three, the home of God carved AFU


no God carved nature, there is no AFU this happy sun micro-blog, no oil profits, will not have a micro-blog AFU! Are you happy? What is happiness? Money is the sun to a group of grass root, and a bunch of grass root to help you make your money at grass root! The AFU

slobber watering!

four, excellent tennis badminton


The micro-blog

is only 20 words: "the proof of the country feather collective exit September 18th Japan open?!" the pure natural forwarding broken 600, big influence, alerted the state China badminton team champion reported insider! Sina News Channel after 24 hours, only the


micro-blog must belong to the vertical electricity supplier, if not because of the sale of badminton equipment, who will care about the Diaoyu Islands incident on the impact of the Japanese Badminton Open?

five, suning.com

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