Secret Pinterest mode Ecology six months of 10 trapped content

social networking Facebook has become a wonderful work in the history of the development of the Internet, Pinterest is becoming a rookie, these will lead to a new era of community electricity supplier development. How to picture this field? For the majority of entrepreneurs, and large companies, into the opportunities and risks in


Tencent science and Technology launched a series of articles, hoping to answer the above questions. This paper is the first one: focus on the development of domestic Pinterest model website.


community electricity supplier series report: Pinterest mode (Tencent science and technology drawing)

Tencent Hu Xiangbao in February 17th in Beijing

science and technology feature

has been an analogy to the Internet industry: one person opened a gas station in a place, business is booming. Europe and the United States, the second pioneers will open a supermarket here, followed by the subsequent improvement of the relevant supporting services, creating a whole regional prosperity. The domestic situation is usually second, third, fourth, and even more crowded into the gas station, the Red Sea competition began to appear.

network video from 2008 to buy in 2011, a similar example in the field of domestic Internet constantly staged. Today, and spread to the Pinterest model.

Pinterest was founded in 2010 in the United States, is to let the user in furniture, clothing and other aspects to collect, organize and share pictures of social networking sites.

according to foreign public information, in just 18 months after the establishment of Pinterest per capita online time more than Twitter, so far has become the fastest growing number of users of the site. As of December last year, its valuation of more than $200 million.

ocean Pinterest rapid development of the other side to stimulate the domestic Internet entrepreneurs. According to Tencent science and technology statistics, nearly half a year, the domestic Pinterest model of imitation who squeeze in nearly 10.

side of this model is attractive prospects for development, on the other side of the homogenization of competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

interest SNS prospects can be latent in the sales channel

in addition to heap sugar network early, nearly half of the year, including the U.S., many petals network, knowledge network, network, network code, fight fan love image collecting, cloth pocket, found it, copy the Pinterest site in Chinese come in a throng.

had done at the same time, LBS also muttering network transition to Pinterest, the beginning of the year 360, the company also launched a similar website: "I love".

If you count the

into the Pinterest element shopping sharing community, such as, Taobao, said the beautiful wow, everyone’s all shopping and where the customer’s customer Master, at present, the domestic class Pi>

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