dleness is the root cause of failure of entrepreneurial thinking

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business in the army is magnificent, the success also fully satisfied or contented, gray losers, the reason is hard and lazy for two reasons. Professionals believe that the failure was lazy thinking, is it really? Come and see.

is thinking lazy, unwilling to set up precaution mechanism

when problems occur, not only to solve the problem, but also for the cause of the problem, system, method and logic current where there is a loophole, what is the root of. And the establishment of a corresponding preventive mechanism to avoid the occurrence of the same problem, or may lead to other problems. The establishment of prevention mechanism is the establishment process.

is lazy thinking, thinking inertia

of "authoritative information" indiscriminately adopted, letting their thinking be guided, this is the most dangerous situation. The original should not in this paper relates to criticism of a party, but had to put forward China education in destroy our ability to think independently, it is to teach us the skills, ability but also in the weakening of our learning other knowledge, independent thinking can minimize confusion.

thinking lazy, there is no pattern view

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