n the college entrance examination spawned new opportunities peikao nanny popular

the current college entrance examination has been fully completed, and the test is due to arrange their own time around, some places have ended. Although it is possible to change the candidates for an important exam has been over, however, it has spawned a lot of business opportunities for many amazing. But from the current situation in the college entrance examination, a lot of business opportunities, while summer is more popular.

has not finished senior high school entrance examination is only less than a month’s time, so hard for 3 years, students will meet the first test in life into the senior high school entrance examination exam, many parents also want to set hundreds thousand to provide children with a variety of convenience. Recently, many people have to find the "nanny housekeeping center paternity test for their children". According to reporters understand, and most are college students peikao nanny ", is in short supply.

Changchun public Liu said in an interview with reporters, the daughter of a month to participate in the senior high school entrance examination, review the lesson every day often encounter problems, sometimes emotional instability, parents and children are difficult to communicate and exchange. Then, normal college she wanted to give the child to find a room at home when the "peikao nanny". Not only to her daughter to mediate emotions, relax, you can always help her daughter’s homework.

is Changchun read the third Dong students recently found a paternity test, "nanny" and "summer night nanny" work together, tired can also have a talk, my parents are very satisfied". Dong Tongxue told reporters, many students in his class are invited to the "paternity test nanny", this phenomenon quite common.

Ms. Yang said the person in charge of a domestic service company

, although the annual exam, college entrance examination before the temporary nanny has a certain market, but the past two years and the situation is different. "A few years ago the general senior high school entrance examination and college entrance examination hot nanny in half a month before the exam or a week or so to candidates candidates home to take care of the daily life of the nutritional meals, accompany chat, for the candidates to solve life’s menace from the rear.

from the beginning of last year, the nanny will be one month in advance for the candidates to start service, every day we received a lot of parents call, because most parents have their work every day to the three day of the test, may be with children, and "the paternity test can nanny ‘play the role of parents in this month, to help the candidates to organize learning materials, with candidates chat relax.

because the vast majority of "peikao nanny" are college students, senior high school entrance examination candidates can also counseling learning, is not only the nanny is a tutor, take a money to play the role of shooting two birds with one stone, the parents Why not??" Ms. Yang said.

recently, the reporter learned from a number of domestic companies Changchun learned, recently, to find "summer nanny" students and parents gradually increased.


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