Baby join details of northwest cold noodle

What do you think of

snacks? Taste can only affect part of the region, meager profit, simple product model. But there is such a natural view of the snack break people, create a different brand of snacks, it is northwest of EVA cold noodle. The formation of a set of excellent image display system for the northwest baby brand into the rich vitality, but also for your career to join the establishment of full confidence to create high-quality environment.

After many years of accumulated experience and knowledge of

research, with strong strength of unique and excellent product quality and professional brand, EVA has now formed northwest cold noodle franchise system, a complete set of mature and convenient: easy to operate, easy to learn, the most important thing is to ensure the taste and quality to ensure that every consistent from beginning to end, can be like cold noodle that delicious chef to cook the northwest; from the actual operation stores the image to the store, to provide professional stores, professional equipment, professional training, professional service for you, effective basis of all successful business; less investment, high profit, easy operation; and to join in the form of independent stores, to ensure the fire the.

join process


in front of the shop management

brand introduction, cooperation and attention.

site reference and evaluation.

industry and market prospect analysis.

It opened in


to provide the overall decoration of the store design, in order to achieve a unified style.


provides for a variety of procedures and certification procedures required to provide information on the details.

appointment of experienced personnel to carry out on-site training, technical and management.

, reasonable price, timely delivery of materials.

the business during the northwest EVA publicity and advertising effect all free sharing.

. After the opening of


tracking supervision, regular telephone return or field visits, guidance and cooperation of business management.

regularly carry out technical exchanges and training activities, the ability to improve the skills and new product introduction class.

send a person in time to convey the latest trends and policies of the headquarters, and accept the recommendations and complaints of the franchisee.


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