Brand focus ntel will become the next Kodak

in this increasingly competitive era, the development of the brand needs more power. The mall is fast changing, was once the world’s largest image products manufacturer and supplier of yellow giant Kodak for failing to timely transition eventually decline; once dominated the mobile phone market for NOKIA lost market and Microsoft intelligent mobile phone attachment; Motorola was acquired by Google; SONY, Matsushita and SHARP appliances "death"……

The rapid development of science and technology of the

1, first quarter net profit fell 5%

4 16, Intel announced the first quarter of fiscal year 2014 earnings. The report shows that Intel’s first quarter revenue of $12 billion 760 million, an increase of $12 billion 580 million over the same period last year, $1%, net profit of $1 billion 950 million, compared with $2 billion 50 million last year fell by $5%.

2, global downsizing downsizing

2014 April 9th, Intel announced that it will close its assembly and testing plant in Costa Rica, and cut 1500 jobs, which opened the prelude to the implementation of Intel’s global layoffs in 2014, the 5% program.

3, missed the opportunity to transition

history seems to be repeating itself, the rapid development of science and technology make the big face transformation problem, Intel today is also in this difficult stage.

in the April 2nd Intel information technology summit, Intel CEO division and then the odd in his keynote speech at IDF generously conceded the point, "we have missed the tablet computer market, and now to regain the market."

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