Do not edit four months net profit of 700 thousand selling cold noodle

recently, a micro-blog was widely forwarded "a portal to edit the resignation, in Zhongguancun (000931), four months to sell along the cold noodle earn 700 thousand". Bo in the comments when many doubts, but also attracted more extensive discussion and more people posted other small traders income scale, such as a month to sell lunch can earn around 6000; the subway outside sell corn aunt, earn 4000 a month; for a month to less mobile phone film thousands of!

however the real situation how? Recently, the reporter visited the Zhongguancun area of small traders, small traders income does not poor, but also has short season; more importantly, they earn money is hard, and often to hide and seek and chased.

have not approached, the corner has floated a fragrance, Mike fiercely sniffed. He quickly approached, it seems to sell lunch and he is very familiar with, he looked up and asked: "today do not eat fried tomatoes, egg, chicken and mushroom?" Li ah sound, over lunch, money will be passed into the mansion began his lunch. Li said, he is every day to buy the lunch to eat before, and later because of fewer varieties, tired, just one day to buy a.

"so cheap, not afraid of health?" Xiao Li does not care about this problem: "now where the same, anyway, can also eat a taste."

these rely on Zhongguancun to sell lunch income have? It’s like the micro-blog story? Reporters in the home and relatives also wanted to come to Beijing to sell lunch consulting one sister who tells a reporter like accent which in detail: "I sell lunch in this seven or eight years, the two years of business and not so hot, one is to sell lunch more, also some people in the restaurant ate."

"that day can sell how many boxes?"


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