Cosmetic agents to avoid these errors

for entrepreneurs, this line of cosmetics is more concerned about the people, do cosmetic agents can also be a good way to start a business. So how to do a qualified cosmetic agents? What mistakes should be avoided? Let’s take a look.

First, location specific

first to do product agent, because in the initial stage, is to put himself as a professional agent to position, this is a very correct positioning. As a result, you can focus on the agent to a product, it is necessary to do cosmetic agents do fine, do special, do a good job, but also need to get good benefits. The development of the corresponding level, especially a product to do the market is very mature, but also to achieve the corresponding saturation, such as in the selection of the past positioning, it must be out of date.

Second, blindly asking business to support

as a cosmetic agents, the support of the enterprise is definitely not. And some agents feel like acting, all things have headquarters to support it. And they do nothing, but is blindly ask headquarters to support. Agents like this are sure to lose a lot of agency opportunities. As agents of the smart, to do cosmetic agents, will not repeatedly ask the manufacturers to do something, especially some unreasonable requirements. It is necessary to carefully look at what they do, how to do, there is a need to have a proper position, if not practical, arbitrary demands, it will lose a good opportunity for cooperation.

Third, products must be brand


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