How to do your customer evaluation system

we all know now in this era of the Internet, people do what love online exchange, but this is not what is not good, is a manifestation of social progress, there is a online review system is one of our cognitive basis, take the food and beverage industry, your customers will say to you the restaurant is perfect in every respect? Whether food or service. If not, how can we achieve the perfection of the customer’s heart? It is necessary to ask customer feedback, you can know how to operate your restaurant, where to improve. Customer feedback lets you know which employees are performing well and which employees need to improve. There are a lot of ways to get customer feedback, from offline customer opinion cards to online social networks.

is certainly not a pleasant thing to receive a bad review, but negative feedback means that the opportunity to improve, similarly, if received, should be shared with employees and celebrate.

how to do your customer evaluation system

distribution of customer opinion cards

the meal? Such a routine problems should ask each customer, although not all people have bad things will be recorded accurately, but there will be people the truth in the newspaper. It is a good way to gain a valuable opinion at the end of the meal. The views allows you to be targeted to improve at the same time, employees received praise.

customer comment cards are on the menu of dishes, food price, quality, service quality, restaurant clean, can also leave a open question, topic quantity should not be more than 10, so that customers feel long bored.

use social media to get feedback

has a lot of social media channels can help you to get customer feedback (domestic micro-blog, WeChat, Twitter, Pinterst foreign Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and paper card is different, social media opinion, whether it is good or bad, probably in a short period of time can be spread out so many people know.

if you get a bad review in social media, do not be afraid to respond, as in the store and customer face to face communication. Sometimes a person complaints, there will be some other people to maintain you, said his experience in the store.

convert praise to your advantage

if you get a good idea of your employees, be sure to share it. Let employees know that you appreciate their hard work. Write a good idea

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