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cake for your noble taste, consumers take the Royal consumer experience, value for money, we naturally willing to pay for it, you will naturally benefit very well.

"noble taste" belongs to the French Accor restaurant group, in 2005 by the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce Group invested into China, and French Accor Group headquarters in Guangzhou jointly build "Guangzhou wheat Catering Management Co. Ltd., CO operators to promote the" noble taste of roasted living museum in China District market. Focus on French Bakery wheat food R & D and production and transfer of the French aristocrat elegant life style! In the heritage classic century brand, promote the French aristocratic delicacy culture, "noble taste" will bring a magnificent delicacy of fashion

to you!

wheat food since its inception, with the Wenzhou chamber of Commerce Group capital plus Accor catering group international vision and operation experience, let the "noble taste" in the baking industry reputation crane. Just a few years, wheat food quality products and services, won the good market performance, was named the top ten provinces bakery shops, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, "food safety demonstration unit", "Chinese competitiveness of ten major brands and many other honors, and won the gold medal game bakery industry for many years.

after 11 years of development and precipitation, wheat production and operation ability of catering to the cake, bread, pastry, cakes, drinks and other point, diversified products, and in the Guangzhou river high industrial park, according to the international GMP standard pharmaceutical industry investment to build a large modern industry scale sterile food factory, at the same time, the implementation of ISO9001 international quality management system and ISO22000 food safety management system in the management of wheat, to provide a strong guarantee for the quality. In 2016 the company has developed into a new era, the company has developed wheat catering for many brands, including "noble taste" is now the country has 8 outlets, and distributed in various provinces and cities in more than and 70 large and medium-sized city of more than and 500 chain stores, is the China bakery industry fully deserve NO.1.

now invites the world love baking delicacy counterparts to join hands with us were climbing the peak of career, enjoy life


noble taste cake join


corporate culture

corporate vision: to spread love and health, build a bakery food industry brand,

corporate slogan: elegant romantic life, starting from the noble taste!

enterprise purpose: people-oriented, quality, based on the letter

entrepreneurial spirit: the pursuit of excellence, the courage to create

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