12 joint venture to start the breeding of edible mushroom products will be at a loss

because it is vulnerable groups, people with disabilities want to smooth employment, very difficult. Many disabled people choose to start their own businesses to find a new way out. However, it is not easy to want to start a business, a group of people with disabilities formed a joint venture group into the plight of the backlog of goods.

12 disabled joint venture

1 3, an "emergency Foshan 12 disabled persons: we can only hold seven days" WeChat is widely spread in the circle of friends, the protagonist of the story is Li Yonghua 12 "Shencanzhijian" disabled. January 4th, the reporter in the South China Sea Xiqiao, New River village to see the special entrepreneurial team.

40 more than a year old Guo Hongchang is a member of this team. Guo Hongchang told reporters, in a team of 12 entrepreneurs, the largest is 58 years old, the youngest is 30 years old, most were physically disabled, the youngest "a man" is suffering from limbs and mental defects.

2015 in July, a training course for people with mushroom cultivation, will be the same as the 12 entrepreneurs gathered together. "This mushroom culture training is Foshan City CDPF held skills training activities for the disabled, disabled people can hope entrepreneurship and employment," Guo Hongchang said, to participate in the training of hundreds of disabled people, most people because of family opposition and economic difficulties, eventually abandoned the venture, however, he was optimistic about 12 people the prospect of edible fungi breeding.

"at that time the college teacher told us that the market of edible fungus can sell 8 yuan / kg, our preliminary estimates, enterprises on the road, the average monthly profit of 100 thousand ~20 million yuan, we don’t have to drag on the family." With this idea, 12 families of disabled people to convince family, each with about 15 thousand yuan, Qiao Fu opened Culture Co. Ltd., engaged in mushroom breeding work.

by the efforts of entrepreneurs to overcome the difficulties one by one, became the star of entrepreneurs with disabilities, more in provincial and municipal CDPF leaders repeatedly visit. More than and 50 days of mushroom cultivation cycle is coming, success seems to be in sight.

mushroom sold as "cabbage price"

2016 January 1st, the first batch of edible fungi officially listed. However, joy is real break up. Recommended business

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