What are the equipment needed for the medium level cold drink shop

hot summer has arrived, how little the cold drink company? A little cold is a very large profit space, has come to a cold store in hot season, a lot of people ready to do so for business investment cold, cold drink shop equipment required list very attention, this is for you to set required a mid-range cold drink shop equipment list, as a reference.


mid-range cold drink shop equipment list:

1. ice machine: special standard ice equipment, quality and production level of ice cold drinks and ice cream products determines the quality and grade, this equipment can not be sloppy, should purchase low failure rate and good quality brand ice machine.

2. hot and cold drink machine: the hot summer cool and refreshing for the deployment, the purchase is gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind drinks, according to store traffic to choose single or double cylinder or cylinder three. General recommendation to buy dual-use.

3. ice cream machine: This is a very important equipment, especially the cold drink shop, ice cream is the favorite of young people, and relatively high profits. Recommend the purchase of three color ice cream machine, it is best to have a larger capacity of the cooling cylinder, the initial product rate (per hour output) larger models.

4.: ice machine dedicated to the production of fruit is ice, cold drink shop to do now is to sell the necessary equipment.

5. milk bucket: This is a popular pearl milk tea in Taiwan special equipment, in order to put on your turnover, takeaway is the best means of income. According to their own situation to choose the number of purchases.

want to do such a small business, is sure to be some equipment, in addition to these kind of equipment said above, there are many others, such as shaking cup, coffee machine, microwave ovens, stoves and other small tools, these equipment can be selected according to their own store to buy. Cold drink shop equipment required to list general managers according to their own circumstances, including their own economic situation, store and so on, and then select the appropriate equipment, mentioned above, is a reference to our customers, we must not buy all.

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