Every entrepreneur should have a pig mentality

now, more and more people choose entrepreneurship, the state’s support for entrepreneurship is also growing. On May 7th, Premier Li Keqiang went to Zhongguancun Venture Street visit, circle of friends was shuabing. The economic situation is not very good, "public entrepreneurship, innovation is regarded as the twin engines of economic development under the new normal" Chinese". There are a lot of people quit before work around me, into theirentrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs also speak about innovation, Internet plus, ecological system, platform strategy all the tall word is everywhere.

the slogan shouted loudly, but I am not very optimistic. Entrepreneurship and innovation are hard competition, but in China, a lot of people talk about innovation and entrepreneurship is still stuck in the slogan stage. In the minds of some people, entrepreneurship is a App, a big flicker of risk investment, and innovation is to see what good stuff abroad, immediately copied, using the size of the market rapidly expand China, there is little breakthrough in technology innovation.

4 month I went to israel. I read a book called "entrepreneurial state" book before going there, found that this is a real "public venture, the highly innovative country. The size of the land of Israel is as large as that of Beijing, with a population of less than about 8200000 of Beijing’s population of about 1/4. But is such a "small country", the number of NASDAQ listed companies after the United States and China (last year was more than Chinese), and the per capita venture enterprises, venture investment, per capita per capita patents are the first in the world. Over the past 20 years, there have been more than 10 Nobel prize winners in Israel, who have grown up in Israel, not jews.

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