How to shop name A good name is more likely to attract attention

if you want to make a shop has a high popularity, let the store can attract more attention, not only need to have an attractive decoration, but also need to have a good name. How to shop name? Let Xiaobian to introduce you some good name to attract attention as a reference, see if you can learn from.

shop name also crazy

a good name is a sign, a sum of intangible assets, will bring unlimited business opportunities for businesses. Understand this in secret boss who struggled to invent a eye-catching name.

give you a look at some of the hotel and leisure shop "good name".

Hotel "the name" The Legendary Swordsman "and" wrong door "," yellow land "," country people"…… This shop looks and didn’t have what relation, but this is really a few hotel signs. With the increasingly fierce competition in the food and beverage industry, catering companies are also increasingly focused on the food and beverage culture to do the article, and the name of the enterprise as a part of the food and beverage culture is inseparable, but also increasingly valued.

is like the name of the child, the hotel is also often registered with a special meaning of the name. Some of the hotel is named after the owner or the names of other people, more love in the name of the hotel to the customer to create new styles above, and leave a deep impression. This is not enough, in order to match with the name, and even some hotel rooms, the names of dishes to select from this angle.

as "The Legendary Swordsman" is the "martial arts dish" features, with fish and shrimp as raw material, the introduction of two sets of "Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon, each Zhang is a kind of taste; in the business district of" countryman "the menu called" family recipes ", and the single is" two the girl home "and" iron eggs "," inside the home"…… The name, with its vernacular style decoration, let the guests go to visit the village seems to have the feeling; in the well-known "Mao restaurant", you can eat Yikusitian, "xinghuoliaoyuan"……

this is different, is located in Qingdao city Fushun road "canteen" is going the opposite way. According to the "canteen" manager Teng Yun introduction, "canteen" in many people’s impression of poor food are "water oligonucleotide soup", "tasteless", but also can let the life out of the infinite tenderness place, almost everyone has a dining hall complex. When the guests entered the "canteen" by this complex condition, and will be moved by the rich cultural atmosphere, exquisite dishes, thoughtful service, such a strong contrast and contrast will make the guest spot on the "canteen".

even picky eaters, generally believes that the hotel name is the embodiment of the connotation of enterprise culture. "

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