Eleven marketing should take what kind of moves


2017 double eleven yet to come, but each big business but have mustering the strength to just look forward to "do something", can earn enough wealth. In short, in order to make a profit in the "double 11", the shops also resorted to almost all of the marketing channels to exhaust all the skills that are being used to. The "double 11" has become the touchstone test store, marketing is effective, the performance can be proved. As Ma said: the number is not what I think we are concerned about today. I think I am most concerned about, or is that we are most concerned about is the number of things behind, how can we truly understand the power of the market through the numbers.

11 list in Top10, is not well-known Amoy brand, is the next line of well-known brands, and these brands with the seller continues to expand market share will be diverted, many grassroots sellers will be eliminated. We have to learn the list of these sellers, what marketing tactics is the most effective?

millet (541 million): product king, enhance the experience of

millet is pursuing a product to conquer the world, the life cycle of 12 months, although this can create amazing products, but continued exposure to marketing the product production cycle in put forward higher requirements. In this process, millet is to do experiential marketing. From micro-blog to the official website, from products to the community and WeChat, then returned from the community and WeChat to micro-blog, from Online to Offline, conference, Rice noodles Festival, city will even gather a lot of millet millet home users, from line to line, and the condensed online formed a new spreading point. Users can hear, see, use. In this process, millet used a more entertaining way to tell about their product quality, about their attitude to work, thus setting up their own mobile phone brand on the internet.

in the double 11, millet can participate in and the opening price at 0:30 that. Millet supply channels to the electricity supplier price is almost the original price. Millet is the only one with a full control of the retail market, no need to curry favor with any strong channel 3C brand. This is as hot as millet hunger marketing, so that there must be more than expected products appear, it can be done at any time for no need.

Haier (175 million): pre-sale in place, supply in place

in order to prepare for the double 11, Haier on their own products for sale, according to the orders of consumers under the same situation, the organization of quantitative production. Among them, there are 3 products because of the order to break through the original purchase price, resulting in reduced procurement prices, so the more the cheaper the sale". Pre-sale effect is also very alarming, this time to sell the refrigerator sales accounted for 30% of the total sales of Tmall during the same period.


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