Since August 1st 196 nternet cafes in Xining implementation of the unity of the five standard

for the formation of the whole society to participate in, grasping supervision pattern of management, promote the Internet legal business, the provisions of the "five unified" standard on the Internet in Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement brigade, namely unified bright card business, unified signs prohibiting minors from entering, unified hotlines, unified bar sign inspection log, into a unified monitoring platform. From August 1st onwards, the city’s 196 Internet cafes to implement the "unity of the five" standard.

the past two months, Xining city cultural market comprehensive law enforcement unit to create a national civilized city as an opportunity to Internet cafes "hundred days of action" special rectification as the starting point, combined with the county cultural market comprehensive law enforcement brigade, the civil air defense, anti technology, anti matter and other means, the use of routine inspections, random checks, wrong dark check the form of our city Internet business activities in accordance with the law to carry out supervision, further improve the Internet management system, a powerful blow to the part of Internet cafes illegal behavior, effectively promote the Internet industry’s legitimate business, create a good environment to the health of Internet cafes.


, in this year’s Cafe "hundred days of action" special rectification actions, the discovery and investigation of illegal operation of the Internet 49, the illegal admission of minors in Internet cafes in accordance with the "one stop three penalty two hanging card", 4 penalties, ordered to suspend business for rectification 9. (author: Wang Zi Liu Zhende)

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