Xining Public Security Bureau welcomes the opening ceremony and the first game of the Olympic Games

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau welcomes the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and the first game of the auspicious cloud cup in the morning of July 28th at the Xining railway museum.

(a recording) Note: today to participate in sports teams is not to include all of Xining’s police?

(vice chairman of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Zhao Longjun Union): a total of fourteen teams, including the County Council and the Xining armed police detachment, Xining city guards, basically include various kinds of police in the city of Xining, reflects the participation and enthusiasm of all kinds of police. Today is the first day of the opening, the eight day of the game, closing on August 5th, the Champions League final will be announced in the morning of the game on the morning of five. This security task is very onerous, including the torch relay, Lake Race security tasks are very arduous, the Xining municipal public security bureau Party Committee attaches great importance to the construction of police culture, the importance of police sports activities . (recording only)

vice chairman of the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the union Zhao Longjun said: in recent years, Xining city public security work rhythm is accelerated apparently, police pressure on the eve of the Olympic Games held in the grow with each passing day, the basketball match, which can not only strengthen the provincial capital public security consciousness, establish the provincial public security police reflect the image, actively participate in the Olympic Games to defend, to participate in Olympic activities, healthy and upward spirit at the same time, also can make the police relax, strong physique, show the "Three Basics" construction and public security police culture construction achievements, the better for the provincial capital of Xining to contribute to peace and harmony. In the game, all the athletes will develop faster, higher and stronger the Olympic spirit, dare and strong, dare to dare to climb high, the brave struggle, dare with the fast match, match the level, race out of style, match the plateau police style.


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