The work conference of the society of science and technology of the province held a speech in Xining

Qinghai news network, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences working conference held in Xining on the morning of May 12th.

the meeting reviewed the eleventh provincial Party Congress since the province to work, the arrangements for the deployment of the current and future periods and to work, the province won the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of advanced collectives and individuals were commended.

provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Qu Qingshan spoke at the meeting. Qu Qingshan pointed out that the society is under the leadership of the party and the government of the academic community, people’s organizations, mass organizations, is the bridge between the government and the majority of philosophy and social science researchers, in the process of building a new Qinghai, has an irreplaceable role. From the overall layout of the comprehensive construction of a well-off society "four in one", the status and role of the society, in the field of economic construction, promote embodied the transformation of development mode, promote sound and rapid economic development; in the field of political construction, promote the development of socialist democratic politics embodies the construction of democracy and legal system; in the field of culture construction, promote embodied the development and prosperity of culture and the construction of socialist spiritual civilization; in the area of social construction, is to promote the development of social integration and social undertakings, promote the construction of harmonious Qinghai. We must stand in the career development and the overall situation, to fully understand the status and role of the society, at the same time, all kinds of society also should fully understand their responsibilities and mission, seize the opportunity to make a difference, to enhance the consciousness and firmness learn to do a good job.

Qu Qingshan stressed that the province must learn to work around the building of new Qinghai on this goal, the construction of the new Qinghai new Qinghai construction service as the theme, the overall situation, emancipate the mind, innovation, be enthusiastic and press on, constantly study new situations and solve new problems, to achieve new development. To grasp the correct direction, adhere to the guiding position of the Marx doctrine does not shake, efforts to consolidate the ideological basis of unity and struggle of the people of all ethnic groups; to focus on the central task, and actively carry out academic research and theoretical research, to provide intellectual support for decision-making and social development; to increase efforts to improve the quality of academic research, academic research, focus on strengthening discipline construction; to enrich the carrier, innovative methods, and strive to carry out social science popularization; to provide public services, to meet the public demand, efforts to promote the construction of harmonious Qinghai; to perfect the rules and regulations, improve self-discipline mechanism, strive to improve the management level of society.

Qu Qingshan pointed out that learning is an important part of the work of the party and the government, to create a new situation in the work of the Institute, the key in the leadership of the party and government. Party committees and governments at all levels must attach great importance to the work of the Institute to learn to consciously implement science and education as the construction of green strategy, an important task in building a harmonious Qinghai; we must learn to grasp the leadership and talent team construction; to improve the ability to work, learn to strengthen the work of leadership, earnestly fulfill the shoulder the important responsibility, adhere to both service and management, and continuously improve the ability and level of society management. (author: Han Xiaohong)


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