North District of Xining city to carry out volunteer service love relay series

"Grandpa and grandma, let me wash your hair for you"

"grandma, let me wash your hair for you." In the city of Xining City Star nursing home, 76 year old Wu grandmother sitting in a wheelchair with a low head, a volunteer with a basin, another volunteer wiping shampoo, a little while, to help Wu grandmother washed his head. In the next room, grandpa is washing his hair. Due to the long-term bedridden elderly can not move, wash your hair is particularly inconvenient, volunteers came to the nursing home, just to help the staff together to wash the old man. As a result, a volunteer squatting on the head of the old man’s head, a staff member to wash the old man. After washing his head, Grandpa turned out to be more comfortable.

old people are almost all washed up, sitting in the hallway of the king grandma said what are not willing to wash your hair, volunteers and staff is to coax and comfort, Wang Nainai still reluctant to wash your hair. The staff said that the elderly love emotion, this is not a bad mood today, do not want to wash your hair. Finally, look at all of you wash your hair, Grandma Wang was very reluctantly agreed, and wash her head or mood.

this is March 30th, the north of the city, "volunteer service · love relay" series of activities into the stars of the scene occurred in nursing home. In the home, from the office of Mafang volunteers for the old people to wash the head, and chatting with the elderly people.

"I want to be a volunteer"

"Mom, what are they doing?"

"they’re signing up for the volunteer team."

"I’m going to sign up, too."."


in front of the small bridge club, north of the city volunteer registration point surrounded by the passing of the public, many of them. On the way to go shopping with his family, the children were "volunteer service, you and I participate in" a few characters attracted attention, and then joined the volunteer team, 5 year old Chen Lezhuo is one of them. Although she did not understand what volunteers do, you can see a lot of brothers and sisters reported the name, she also asked her mother to sign up for her. The young mother put down the items in the volunteer registration form to fill in the name of her daughter, she said, when the child grew up, you can do a real volunteer. As of 11, more than 400 people registered as volunteers in North city. In the "voluntary service · love relay" activities, except for the elderly shampoo, volunteers, volunteers also came to the north area of the bridge cross, cross road junction of Menyuan civilized persuasion, into shops issued brochures, a city on the Wen Mingli instrument knowledge, go on the high streets and back lanes dead garbage cleaning…… (author: Peng Na)

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