Xining bus lines will be adjusted

With the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles in our city, the traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious. The city bus running line is too long, the non-linear coefficient is high, and the problem of the park bus route is not enough. In order to comprehensively promote the city, slow blocking Paul Chang action, the implementation of public transport priority strategy to create a "bus city" model city. In July last year, the city launched a study on the optimization of public transit network, specially invited experts inside and outside the province to conduct field research, through nearly a year of research, the city transit network optimization scheme is the introduction of the draft, is expected from the beginning of the second half of the 43 bus lines, I will focus on the main line, main line and branch line 73 bus on line optimization, these lines do you care about? Do you have any comments and suggestions on this adjustment? You can express your opinion by telephone or letter.

it is reported that the bus line network adjustment will adhere to the "follow the line to go", improve access rate, improve coverage, improve operational efficiency, reduce line repetition rate, reduce non linear coefficient principle, optimization of the "main line – trunk feeder and micro circulation link" Three Tier Network Layout, meet residents along the line work and school level, both culture and life travel demand.With the implementation of

[] to form the trunk line adjustment and trunk line, branch line and three level micro circular line network, network function is clear; reasonable increase in trunk road network between the direct ratio, reduce the coefficient of transfer; lower trunk lines, trunk lines non linear coefficient; reduce the city bus line trunk road network repetition coefficient, improve the vehicle running efficiency, and improve the efficiency in the use of public resources.[Objective]

/ trunk line: involving 19 bus lines

– do not adjust 10 lines: 1 road, 2 Road, 12 road, 18 road, 19 Road, 20 road, 22 Road, 25 Road, 26 Road, 35 road.

– adjusting line 9: 101 Road, 3 Road, 4 road, 9 Road, 31 Road, 32 Road, 33 Road, 34 Road, 85 road.


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