Provincial Standing Committee held a meeting to study and implement the spirit of the Central Confer

10 20 morning, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng chaired the Provincial Standing Committee meeting to study and implement the spirit of the central conference, the deployment of the next step of economic research work.

meeting to convey the spirit of the party building work of the state owned enterprises. Pointed out that the general secretary Xi Jinping important speech at the meeting, profoundly answered a series of major issues concerning the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and the construction of the party, has a strong strategic and ideological, targeted, is to strengthen the programmatic document of the party building of state owned enterprises under the new situation, the stronger and bigger the state-owned enterprises, promote has important guiding significance for the development of the party and state. All localities and departments should thinking and action to the general secretary of the important speech and the Central Committee on strengthening and improving the party building work of state owned enterprise decision-making arrangements, to carry out the work of the party building of state-owned enterprises. The meeting stressed that the party committees at all levels should strengthen the leadership of the party building of state-owned enterprises, a clear responsibility to refine the division of labor, innovation system, strengthening measures, the state-owned enterprise party building work firmly in the hands of the implementation. To focus the work, strictly from the real grasp "perfect cross appointment" leadership system, promote the reform of the cadre management system, the establishment of enterprise leaders reserve, to promote the work of Party building into the company’s articles of association, standardize party department setting, filled the "short board" grassroots party building work, and constantly improve the level of scientific party building in state owned enterprises.

meeting to convey the spirit of the National Conference on the work of comprehensive management of social security innovation. Pointed out that the various departments across the province especially political stability front comrades, to study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi and the spirit of the national social security comprehensive management innovation work conference, actively adapt to the new situation, strengthen the work of forward-looking, actively promote the innovation idea, system, mechanism, methods, and constantly improve the system of social management in our province the level of modernization and governance capacity, promote peace Qinghai construction has made new progress. To push forward the rural cities and counties five level comprehensive management work center of standardization, entity construction, and promote the informatization construction, and promote social governance innovation, and constantly improve the intelligent level of social governance. Should earnestly learn from other provinces and cities experience, further strengthen the promotion of Qinghai has the characteristics of "banma experience", "village temple parallel" one village "police" and other social governance innovation. To strictly implement the comprehensive management of social security responsibility, strengthen the construction of political and law cadres, and promote the formation of Party leadership, government led, social cooperation, public participation, the rule of law to protect the good situation.

conference to convey the spirit of the National Conference on the implementation of the work of the court. Pointed out that in recent years, the province’s courts at all levels to fulfill their statutory duties, to solve the problem of difficult enforcement, execution quality and efficiency, improve the credibility of justice, provide a strong judicial guarantee for the construction of rule of law in Qinghai, Qinghai Ping an. Next, to carry out the implementation of the national court work conference, and improve the implementation of the working mechanism, strengthen the implementation of informatization construction, promote the trial execution separation reform, coordinating linkage and execution of propaganda work, strengthening the building of the enforcement team, determined to win this tough battle to solve the difficulty in enforcement,;

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