Organic Food Expo Qinghai organic food from 5369 meters above sea level into the market

this is from more than four thousand meters above sea level on the prairie wild yak beef, pure natural, green and pollution-free." In May 28th the opening of the ninth session of China international organic food fair in Qinghai exhibition hall, from Qinghai 5369 ecological animal husbandry technology limited features yak products in Shanghai attracted public attention, the company chairman Jin Jinwei is enthusiastic introduction of the fair brought products.

"5369 meters, which is the highest elevation of the location of our business, but also the cause of our enterprises to pursue a high degree of food safety and quality.

it is understood that the 5369 Qinghai ecological animal husbandry science and Technology Co. Ltd is located in pine Jigzhi County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Chi Town, the yak growth without pollution "vacuum" polar environment, from farming to manufacturing and transportation, processing, forming an organic industry chain, the full protection of the organic the food safety and quality.

out of the plateau, to the world, by virtue of their own advantages, through the successive Expo Drive, "5369" has set up offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places, also successfully opened in Lebanon, Palestine and other Islamic countries in the Middle East market, in September this year will also expand trade negotiations with qatar. Speaking of the future, Jin Jinwei is confident: "to allow enterprises to go far, the most important is food safety, the advantages of regional resources determines the quality of production quality of our products, we believe that Qinghai’s green products in the market will be more broad."

Expo held to help enterprises out of Tibet, but also serves the tibetan." Has participated in the two session of the organic food fair, "the 5369", through the exhibition platform gradually to the national "big table". Lu Aizhen, executive director of the company, told reporters that with all kinds of fairs and fairs, to open up the market, but also effectively promote the development of the local animal husbandry, led by farmers and herdsmen to increase income.

runs a Tibetan restaurant in Shanghai Lee came from Hongkou District and the company’s chairman interviewed this year’s order plan. Lee said: "all of the cattle and mutton in our restaurant are purchased from the Qinghai side, pure and pollution-free prairie wild yak won the customer’s favorite, repeat customers more."


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