Food safety law training courses the industry and commerce law popularization business sense

to ensure food safety is the responsibility of food business households. Recently, the Xining Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce traffic site organized by the "food safety law" training courses, the traffic within the jurisdiction of the industrial and commercial area of more than 60 households operating households participated in the training.

in the training class, traffic commerce director stressed the important significance of establishing the business ledger and cable card system to business users, and preach the "food safety law" key terms, interpretation of the significance of "food safety law".

training to enhance the awareness of food safety awareness and responsibility of many food operators. They said that the future will continue to own and responsible attitude to consumers, strictly implement the system of self-discipline, integrity management, civilized business, from the formal purchase way, eliminate fake and shoddy food on the counter, ensure that consumers eat safe food.


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