Adhere to the red line to protect arable land Xining land and Resources Bureau in 2009 documentar

land, is the basis of all construction on the basis of the implementation, there is no land to ensure that the project can only be a castle in the air. With the acceleration of urbanization, land has become a scarce resource. Especially in cities such as Xining landform, land resources are more precious.

is responsible for the planning, management, protection and rational utilization of land resources and mineral resources in Xining. Side is the country must adhere to the red line of land, one side is increasingly scarce and must guarantee the construction land. It is in such a situation, the Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources to rely on the correct leadership of the municipal government, relying on all land and people and selfless dedication firm and indomitable spirit, "a multitasker, a remarkable chapter in 2009 the city’s land and resources management writing.

hold the red line, to ensure the construction of

Xining is a scarce land resources of the city, can be cultivated 112 thousand and 600 acres of basic farmland. In the process of accelerating the process of urbanization in Xining, adhere to the red line of arable land, the task of protecting basic farmland is more important, but also more arduous. Over the past year, the Xining land and Resources Bureau will adhere to the red line of arable land, and effectively protect the basic farmland as the focus of land and resources management, pay close attention to the implementation of farmland protection target responsibility system. At the beginning of the protection index issued by the provincial government down to the district and County People’s government, the district and county level four households signed the "basic farmland protection target responsibility book", to ensure that the city’s 144 thousand and 100 hectares of cultivated land and basic farmland protection area of 112 thousand and 600 hectares. At the same time, efforts to protect the domestic demand for timely landing. Grasp the city’s agricultural land for approval and standardize the work of land for infrastructure and park construction projects to provide land. Xining city in 2009 reported to the State Council, a total of 27 agricultural land conversion, with a total area of 201.8235 hectares. To ensure the smooth implementation of a number of infrastructure projects, livelihood projects. To complete the work of stimulating domestic demand. Has completed the plateau distribution center of 396.5 acres of land, 55 acres of land in the Frontier Corps, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company replacement 210 acres of land, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Xining City funeral home 270 acres of land, the Qinghai Armed Police Corps training base 80 acres, shantytowns resettlement affordable housing land expropriation work such as construction, a total of 7 cases an area of 2222.5 acres.

strokes shoot hanging, so that the land transactions transparent sunshine

morning in September 17th this year, Xining land market auction hall crowded, a state-owned construction All seats are occupied., right of land auction outside the province has attracted 19 Real Estate Company and the community of nearly more than and 200 people came to participate in the use of. ,

the auction of a total of 11, with a total area of 372 acres. In addition to a piece of land because no one auction unsold, the other 10 parcels, an area of 325.77 acres of land for the final transaction price of $1 billion 154 million 580 thousand, to achieve net income;

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