General Office of the Qinghai Provincial Committee of the CPC Qinghai Provincial People’s government

recently, the general office of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai Provincial People’s government issued the "notice on the new year’s day in 2017 to do the work of the Spring Festival". The full text is as follows:

to implement the "CPC Central Committee General Office of the general office of the State Council on notice of the 2017 New Year’s day during the Spring Festival related work" (the office of generation [2016]36), and do a good job of the province in 2017 New Year’s day and Spring Festival during the work, to ensure that the people of all ethnic groups through the joy and peace auspicious festive holiday, with the consent of the provincial Party committee and government leaders and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows.

first, carry out the difficulties of helping the masses and relief work. All regions and departments in accordance with the spirit of the party in the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, combined with the "two a" study and education, with high sense of political responsibility, the people’s livelihood in a more prominent position, carefully organized to carry out visits condolences, special assistance, warmth and other activities, efforts to solve practical difficulties in production and life of the masses. Take Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee’s concern to warm people’s hearts. Leading cadres at all levels should further change the style of grass-roots level, should pay particular attention to poor areas, the affected hard workers, the difficulties of the masses area, the implementation of Poverty Alleviation Policies and measures, proper arrangements for basic living good living object families, poor families, poor participatory personnel during the festival of the difficulties of the masses. Conscientiously implement the measures of the social security policy, to ensure timely payment of urban basic pensions for retirees, in line with the conditions of urban and rural elderly residents pension, unemployment insurance and pension benefits for special funds. Efforts to increase employment difficulties in the region and the industry, focusing on the ability to help the placement of workers, employment difficulties, disabled, zero employment families, such as employment as soon as possible. To care for the protection work Empty Nester, rural left-behind children, the plight of children, carry out the wages of migrant workers pay special inspection, strictly implement the policy to protect the rights of migrant workers, to crack down on videotape, malicious arrears and other criminal acts, that protect migrant workers promptly paid due reward. Proper arrangements for basic living of poor people and effectively solve the practical problems of the people in the affected areas and good life, to ensure the safety of the affected people warm winter, the warmth of the party and government to the difficulties of the masses in the.

two, do a good job in the holiday period commodity supply protection. All localities and departments to implement the various regulatory measures, according to consumer demand during the holiday season, carefully organize the source of goods, the rich variety of goods, strengthen the production and marketing of convergence, to ensure continuous supply of important commodities market stalls not out of stock. Strengthen the market price supervision and emergency monitoring and early warning, good co-ordination of grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and other important commodities for stable prices, improve coal, electricity, oil, gas, water, transport security coordination, the implementation of the social assistance and security standards and price increases linked to the linkage mechanism, perfect purchasing and storage the necessities of life on the mechanism to crack down on illegal publication of false information, and malicious price manipulation, hoarding and profiteering and price increases, the consumption of urban and rural residents need to ensure the smooth operation of the market and the holiday. Strengthen the supervision of food and drug safety,;

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