Super 25 million driver was refused to become a driver drops

about the appearance of the car, it is to bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives, however, a variety of problems are constantly emerging. In short, the about car safety has been an important issue of concern to users. March 7th, drops of travel announced the issue of the driver to deal with the latest data. According to statistics, since last year, drops set up a negative list, more than 25 million drivers because of traffic violations, alleged crimes or documents and other reasons are not allowed to become a driver.

over 25 million problem driver was rejected


3 month 7, Didi announced the latest information about the car driver audit. The company is responsible for the company, in its strict registration audit mechanism, a total of over 25 million "problem driver" was rejected.

according to reports, the database used by the public security departments have the relevant record. The above 25 million rejected "driver" or for the ID card, driving license and a certificate or license problem is blocked in the platform outside, or because of adaptation drops out of the negative list of one or more cards in the background screening process. There are drivers for their own or vehicle problems can not pass the audit, looking for others to register, the use of other accounts, are subject to authentication, anti cheating and other technical means to eliminate.

driver screening based on negative list

2016 years, drops gradually adopted multiple security functions, in cooperation with many national public security organs, while continuing to promote the image authentication, voiceprint recognition to verify the accuracy of vehicle drivers, and carry out a series of special vehicles consistent work.

last July, China Internet Association Joint Committee on economic work travel share drops released mobile travel driving ban standard, the first clear net about driving personnel qualification "negative list" – there is violence and endanger public safety, crime of illegal traffic safety violations, Yan Zhongzhi and other three categories of illegal and criminal record and mental illness and drug-related personnel will be a veto, and prohibited from entering the mobile travel platform.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the list of entries is also an important basis for the screening of drivers.


identity authentication of voiceprint recognition

drops travel said that the platform forced drivers and owners were three verification. The driver and owner in the registered account, the need to provide "identity card", "driving" and "driving permit" and other information, only in order to successy register all the real and effective information.

In order to protect the

about the safety of the vehicle, drops not only requires three cards, as well as a more strict person recommended

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