Children’s clothing stores location location reference

children’s clothing store location reference what? In order to figure out this problem, operators need to know their own investment in brand positioning. Once the location is determined, then the business site will be relatively simple. On site selection, Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, I hope to help you.

the first location: in the vicinity of the kindergarten. This kind of children’s clothing shop is obviously aimed at 2-7 years old children wear children’s clothing, because the children of this age usually wear their own clothes back to the park, and every day in the bag have to put one or two sets of underwear. Therefore, this age group is the largest sales volume in the market, the management of this age group is also the largest children’s clothing stores, one can imagine that the competition is very tragic. But depending on the grade of kindergarten, we determine the species to be classified. If the city is a high-quality kindergarten, usually the child’s parents are not rich that expensive, their consumption concept is certainly not low. Purchase must pay attention to grades and styles. Alternative version, high-quality fabrics, perfect after-sales service to attract such high-end consumer groups. If only ordinary kindergarten, we recommend that the purchase must be more varieties.

third different location methods: near the vegetable market. Due to the flow of people near the market is very large, baby Ya suggested that you can choose to operate some special children’s clothing. To the food market is mostly on the elderly in the elderly, their consumption concept is not the same as the young mother, they stick to the price, we should not think that this kind of clothes to make less money.

fifth different location methods: Women’s boutique city. Women like to shop, to buy their own at the same time, but also to buy children. This shop is necessary to choose the operation of fashion, alternative, high-grade, personality of children’s clothing. The tide of mothers in the dress of their own, to bring the children of a trendy son, how simple?

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