Join the selected drinks investment Hushang aunt

Shanghai aunt’s drinks are mainly divided into "boiled Valley drink series" and "fashion fruit drink series" two categories.

brewed drink series is the "valley of black rice, glutinous rice, red beans, mung beans and other common" in life, beneficial to the human body through the "food" cooking way, with the secret deployment of a thick milk Shanghai local flavor tea.

picking aspects of aunt insisted on the use of high-quality ingredients. Special selection of fresh grains, imported India black tea, domestic first-line brand of fresh milk. Each cup stresses the brewed and sold, the firm will not obsolete overnight tea sales to consumers, based on the concept of business reputation, US became well-known brand health tea.

aunt aunt milk tea is not only good, but also the amount of , can serve as a substitute for food. The female customer said drink a cup of tea glutinous rice can not eat lunch,! "We also shouted" half a cup of drink half a cup of grain "brand slogan.

at the same time in order to enrich the product structure, we combine the needs of customers, by a professional chef team self development with "where the lemon, kumquat and lemon juice" is the main fashion of fruit drink series; at the same time, adhering to the health of the tea business ideas are respected Shanghai aunt. Selection of fresh fruit, each cup is now doing to sell, and aunt launched the 3 kinds of ice, the 5 kinds of sweetness, the specification of the taste set to meet the needs of different customers.

aunt aunt to join the advantages of


Shanghai the main reasons for the talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the market of tea lies in its focus on differences. The key difference is that Shanghai aunt tea "brewed and sold": General tea shop is the use of red bean and mung bean plastic packaging, shelf-life is usually about 12 months, while the red bean and mung bean using the Shanghai aunt is fresh. For example: Fresh Ground Coffee and Instant Coffee, freshly baked bread and bread supermarket, frozen dumplings and mother the dumplings, the comparison between the two, the coffee is freshly ground, bread must be roasted, dumplings is packet good; similarly, tea is also brewed good! Aunt Hushang feature is brewed


joined the chain of the four major advantages

one, for those who join, even if the lack of business experience, only to be able to pay the right to join the gold, with the help of the experience of the chain organization and management system, you can develop the cause, reduce risk;

two, joined the chain has a relatively perfect management system and logistics system, can maintain the smooth operation of the whole enterprise, join in the management and marketing can reduce the burden;

three, the implementation of the overall promotion strategy to reduce the declaration

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