2016 the new Touareg together pioneering era of information economy China sharing

this is the Internet world, also is the information age, the development of any enterprise, or an entrepreneur, must always pay attention to the latest development of information, so as to ensure the opportunity, in 2016, the new "business" to Chinese Touareg sharing of information economy, promote the development of better.

with VW Touareg new version is officially on sale at the beginning of Yao, advanced technology design, the younger the more powerful performance and passion surging much consumer attention. And its product Thatcher extraordinary elite temperament, through its favor sponsored the first domestic Internet high-end dialogue column – venture China dripping show in front of the audience.


with courage breaking   seize the information age under the economic opportunities of

2013, the 58 city on the New York Stock Exchange listing; 2015, 58 city strategic stake ganji.com, the completion of the merger; yaojinbo himself, one of the "fortune" is selected Chinese 40 business leaders under 40 years old.

and also named the "fortune" China 40 under 40 business elite towards the as of today’s hottest new media recommended

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