Fudan University graduates to build their own underwear Empire

in the eyes of everyone, graduated from a famous university girl must be sitting in the high-grade office enjoys a high salary, good welfare and happiness of life, the 26 year old girl who is not the same as the personal independence of conduct, to create business for yourself.

"have to do business in our traditional home, Grandpa and dad are businessmen". When Ling Yuhui was young, her father taught "girls should be gentle, will do the housework, then wash a bowl of 5 cents, a floor of a piece of money, is the price tag, it makes Ling Yuhui grew very economically minded. To junior high school, because the father and the Taiwanese opened a clothing factory, Ling Yuhui began to be affected by the relevant.

because Fudan University credit system more flexible, Ling Yuhui in the first and second attended many courses, "put a lot of books in the reading are read, and a part-time tutor to do a lot of money into the university after it did not depend on their parents, the money spent enough of their own. It is very good". Recall this experience, Ling Yuhui smiled: "the students around also have a job, but not so hard as me."

however at this time, Ling Yuhui met a recommendation

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